Who We Are

Our heritage; our livelihood; our legacy

Our Unique Position

The Forest Landowners Association represents the economic interests of private forest landowners and their unique natural resource assets.

Why That’s Important

We understand that forestland is essential to your economic prosperity, heritage, and legacy.  We are committed to safeguarding private forest ownership, promoting the importance of forest resources, and securing a legacy that can be passed to the next generation.

Who We Represent

Our members range from large forest businesses whose land has been in their families for generations to those who have become forest landowners because they view forests as a long-term investment. Regardless of property size, our members manage their land with a sustainable approach, ensuring the prosperity of their forests for future generations. We are comprised of members whose land has remained in their family for generations, and others that are recent investors, REITs, and business owners.

Our Mission

To ensure an expanding economic climate that enables America’s forest landowners to prosper from their timber resources.

Our Vision

For forest landowners to be acknowledged for the economic and environmental contributions their working forests make to society.

Forest Landowners Essential to Nation’s Wood Supply, Rural Economies, and Environmental Health

The benefits of managed forests begin with the commitment, investment, and hard work of the landowner

Whether you care about drinking water, clean air, or economic benefits, we must understand the role that forest landowners play and the importance of harvesting timber to provide income for the caretakers of the forests.