FLA Membership of Private Forest Landowners Continued to Grow in 2020 Across All Sizes and Geographic Regions

The fact that FLA’s mantra is focused on the economic viability and prosperity of family forest landowners resonates across the country as families and forest landowners of all sizes, stature, and regions of the country continue to look toward FLA to promote their interests on the national level.

In 2020, FLA welcomed 116 new forest landowners and related members from 23 states. FLA’s members have a vested interest in our mission to ensure an expanding economic climate that enables America’s forest landowners to prosper from their timber resources. These new members share our vision for forest landowners to be acknowledged for the economic and environmental contributions their working forests make to society.

Among the new members in 2020:

Advance Land and Timber, LLC has established itself as a national leader of timberland, farmland, and recreational land marketing companies in the U.S. To date, land transactions are over $1 billion since their inception in 2002 – established in South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.


Chinook Forest Partners is a small, nimble timberland investment management group headquartered in Seattle. Chinook is focused on working closely with select institutional investors to acquire and manage quality timberland for sold risk-adjusted returns in North America. Chinook’s defining principles are outstanding timberland management, low investor cost, total transparency, and true alignment of interest.



Lone Rock is a family-owned timber company that owns and manages more than 130,000 acres of Oregon forestland – planting and growing trees, maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and harvesting and selling timber. Lone Rock’s success rests on five pillars: Invested, Prepared, Disciplined, Agile, and Superior Value.


An eighth-generation family forest business, Pingree is one of the nation’s largest family forest landowners. Pingree President Alex Ingraham is a member of FLA’s Board of Directors.


Thiele is an industry leader in innovative products for paper and packaging. For more than 70 years, Thiele has been passionate about developing and producing quality products.