Growth in Markets

Identifying and anticipating policy obstacles and opportunities

We work to achieve policies that address the concern of forest landowner’s ability to sell timber both in the U.S. and in the global wood supply chain.

We understand that markets underpin everything else that benefits society – jobs, rural economies, clean air, water, and sustained ecosystems.

We know that the real threats to private forests are market constraints. Our efforts are focused on strengthening and expanding markets for timber and wood fiber for the benefit of your bottom line, and ultimately, your success.

Creating more demand for timber products

FLA works closely with stakeholder, including federal agencies, consumer brands, and NGOs to emphasize that private forests are vast and sustainable, with the ability to deliver long-term resources to participate in opportunities to expand markets for timber related products.

Forest landowners need markets, not a layer of extra costs

Private forest landowners are carrying on a legacy of economic and environmental benefits that our nation has enjoyed for nearly a century. However, the benefits generated by a productive forest are threatened today more than ever because of historically depressed markets. Weak markets are the primary factor that contributes to the loss of productive forest lands.

When you already have an overabundance of timber supply, resulting in timber prices at an all-time low for the last 50 years, adding a layer of extra costs and management to a family forest landowner increases the risk of consolidation, conversion of forestland to other uses, and ultimately a loss of our diverse southern forest landscape.

Owning and managing forests is not a business everyone easily understands, but its benefits touch us all. With a little help from our government and end-users to promote the health and sustainability of true working forests, family forests owners will proudly continue to provide economic and environmental benefits.

However, if our government, NGOs, and corporations fail to fully understand the current scope of the forests that deliver wood supplies and environmental benefits daily, then we will inevitably be sending family forest owners to further financial hardships. The result will be a loss of our diverse forest landscape, our forestry heritage, and all the benefits that family forest owners provide our society. Continue reading.