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We believe in the stewardship of America’s private forests.

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Our Beliefs

Expanding economic climate. Prospering forest landowners.

Trump May Repeal an Endangered Species Act Rule That’s Punished Landowners For Decades

The Daily Caller |2:16 PM 04/05/2018 Michael Bastasch | Contributor The Trump administration proposed repealing a decades-old Endangered Species Act (ESA) policy that critics say undermines congressional intent and offers landowners no incentive to aid in the recovery...

Significant ESA Rollbacks in Motion

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has submitted two proposed rules of keen interest to forest landowners. The proposed rules, if implemented, will significantly change USFWS’ implementation of the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”). Removal of Blanket 4(d) Rule...

Study Forecasts Softwood Lumber Consumption to Hit All-Time Highs by 2030

US softwood lumber demand is expected to continue its upward trajectory from the lows of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, reaching an all-time high by mid 2020s, according to a newly released US Lumber Outlook Study by ForestEdge LLC and Wood Resources International LLC (USLOS2018). It is expected that supply sources will shift to meet future increase in lumber demand. Factors influencing these shifts include changes in the availability of timber supply, prices of sawlogs, competitiveness of lumber producers, exchange rates and developments in alternative markets for lumber producers in Canada and overseas

Deep Dive on Market Assumptions

Dr. Cubbage’s data-rich discussions have been eagerly consumed at forestry conferences around the country by forestry stakeholders wondering when a rebound in sawtimber might be anticipated. The Forest Landowners Association caught Dr. Cubbage between travel commitments for a short preview of the presentation that has garnered industry-wide interest.

Federally Funded Projects Should Use US Wood

The leadership displayed by the Trump Administration regarding the rebuilding of our nation's infrastructure has provided a generational opportunity to rebuild and modernize the backbone of the American economy. As Congress and the Administration examine the state of...

FLA Encouraged by USFWS LPS Proposed 4(d) Rule; Request Greater Clarity

FLA has submitted comments to the USFWS on Louisiana Pine Snake (LPS) proposed 4(d) rule, commending the Service’s movement away from regulating specific species of pine in the management of open canopy conditions in private forests, as was the case with the Black...

FLA Commends the USFWS for Clarifying the Regulatory Burden on private Forest Landowners

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has issued a memo directing its staff that the use of mandatory language related to incidental take permits is “not appropriate” in communications with private forest landowners. The decision confirms that seeking an Incidental...

FLA Supports Full and Permanent Repeal of the Federal Estate Tax

What is needed are permanent tax policies that do not punish capital-intensive businesses like forestry, and that do not hinder the next generation from continuing the forest legacy of their parents, grandparents and often great grandparents. The Forest Landowners Association continues to support the full repeal of the estate tax repeal.

Expanding and Growing Foreign Markets for Timber

In 2016, the United States exported $38 billion worth of forestry products, with $3.4 billion accounting for lumber. Data from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service indicates that China is the largest consumer of American wood and wood products, with imports...

The Opportunity for Tax Reform is Now

FLA is at the forefront ensuring policy makers understand the unique operations of managing and owning timberland regarding tax policy. The Quick Update The Senate took a significant step toward its goal of overhauling the tax code with the passing of a budget...