Longleaf Cost Share

Enhance wildlife and working forests

Planting or Managing Longleaf: Funds Available

The Forest Landowners Association has cost-share funds available through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund for private landowners to establish, enhance, or maintain longleaf pine on their property.

What You Need to Know to Apply

Unlike other cost-share opportunities, the process to receive these funds is simple and straightforward. There are no AGI limits, acreage caps, or government forms.

To qualify, you must:

  • Plan to plant new longleaf pine or manage existing longleaf pine .
  • Conduct planting or management activities between November 2021 and July 2022.
  • Fill out the application linked below and submit it by Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Funds are awarded based on several factors, including location of activity as well as number of acres being impacted. Award recipients will be notified in early December 2021.

How to Use Funds

 Plant Longleaf

FLA will provide $25 per acre in cost-share assistance for establishing new longleaf pine stands, including site preparation and planting.

 Manage Existing Stands

FLA will provide $15 per acre cost-share assistance for the appropriate management of existing longleaf pine through the use of:

  • Prescribed fire
  • Thinning
  • Invasive species removal
  • Overstory treatments
  • Planting native understory species.

Why Grow Longleaf Pine? 

The longleaf pine ecosystem once encompassed more than 90 million acres of North America, from Virginia to Texas. Less than 5 percent of the original acreage remains. Private landowners have the unique ability to help restore longleaf pine on a landscape-scale. New management techniques, improved seedling quality, and other benefits of growing longleaf pine present a valuable opportunity to private forest landowners. Through these funds, FLA seeks to promote both the economic viability of working forests as well as the biological uniqueness of the longleaf pine region (see map below (USDA)).


USDA Longleaf map

Questions? Please contact Katie Moss at kmoss@forestlandowners.com with questions about receiving cost-share for longleaf activities.

Please submit all applications to Katie Moss at kmoss@forestlandowners.com