FLA joined the group of 12 forestry stakeholders working with Congress to urge a message of solidarity and promote priority polices to ensure a rebound in wood markets.  The message of the coalition to Congress is that “No one element of the forest products supply chain can exist in isolation from the others.”

As associations representing the U.S. forestry and forest products sector, we are proud to do our part to meet the needs of Americans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and help drive our country’s economic recovery. The men and women of the forest products industry have demonstrated a commitment to safely making the products Americans need every day but especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for supporting our country’s working forests, pulp, paper and wood products manufacturers, renewable forest and wood products, American workers, and the rural communities that rely on a viable forest products industry.

The U.S. forestry and forest products sector can emerge from this crisis intact and well positioned to help drive our national economic recovery. To do that, FLA and the coalition is advocating for policies that support every part of our sector including:

  • Continued recognition of our entire supply chain as essential infrastructure
  • Protecting and maintaining the ability of our companies and workforce to operate
  • Allowing for the transportation of raw materials and finished products in an efficient manner
  • Policies that ensure strong markets for forest products
  • Measures that promote consumer understanding of the environmental benefits that working forests, wood and paper products provide

Read the Forestry Coalition Message to Congress


Forest Working Caucus Holds Virtual Zoom Meeting

The Forest Working Caucus held a virtual Zoom meeting so members of congress could meet with forest industry sectors and engage in a dialogue of how COVID-19 has impacted the supply chain and what Congress can do to help ensure a strong timber supply.  During the Zoom meeting, Cong. Sanford Bishop (D-GA2) opened his remarks by highlighting the need for Congress to fix the Casualty Loss provision called for in the Forest Recovery Act.