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6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners


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to the extent that the limits should at least be increased if not removed all together.”
Tom E. Sanders – Bell Plantation, LLC, Edison, GA  

“We would be adversely affected by (1) and (3) since we periodically harvest timber and re-seed clearcut areas.”
AnonymousDriftwood, TX

“ If we do not have capital gains on our timber sales it will limit our ability to reinvest in our forest. We invest for 30 years plus to sell our crop it is important to have all the deductions to help with this long term investment”
Charles Jones Trenton, NC

“If Congress discontinues any of these 3 tax provisions, it will accelerate the breakup up private timberlands and eventually increase suburban “sprawl” and loss of forests. Timber that has been held  

now must wait 30 years for final harvest; whereas, stocks and bonds held for only one year qualify for long-term capital gain. Inflation over this 30 year period makes any basis that was capitalized very small and thus almost worthless. 2. Annual forest management costs should remain deductible, because these out-of-pocket expenses are real, but the first revenues from a planted timber stand are not available until around year 15. “
David F. Slonaker, Columbus ,GA

for over one year should be taxed at longterm capital gains rates, just like other assets (stocks, real estate, etc.) To treat it otherwise would encourage development of timberland. We also have to keep the ability to deduct forestry costs (taxes, precommercial thinning, pine release, etc.) and preserve the ability to deduct replanting costs, or else timberland WILL BE DEVELOPED. One of the presidents “talking points” has been “combating” climate change. If we do not offer “incentives” for timberland owners to keep their land as active forests, the loss of woodlands will only accelerate and worsen climate change. It is already hard to keep land in active timber production; the costs continue to rise and alternative uses for the capital are very tempting. Remove some of the tax incentives and you will see development of timberland accelerate more quickly. It is just plain economics!!!”
William E Green III, Blythewood, SC

“ 1. Timber is the ultimate long-term capital gain. For example, pine seedlings planted 

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