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6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners


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Conceptually, I do not understand how Congress could justify removing this capital gain treatment for timber with abolishing capital asset status, totally. Denying annual deduction for forest mgt. costs would be inconsistent conceptually with treatment of other annual expenses. However, I would not let the tax tail wag the dog and would not quit incurring such costs. Reforestation is the appropriate action to take, and Congress should continue to encourage such, even if over a slightly longer period of years. I would not, however, decide against reforestration if the costs had to be capitalized. I would think of later generations and that I should pass on land to them in good shape.”
Anna C. Fowler , Pittsboro, NC  

“Many landowners are not managing their forests because it takes so long to see a financial return. If we no can 

“I am a 5th generation farm landowner and a second generation timber grower - my father planted the first pine trees on our property in 1972. After repeated thinnings, those trees are still standing. They are long-term capital assets, and deserve to be treated as such for taxation when sold. It would be ludicrous for me to buy a stock, hold it for 13 months and then get capital gain treatment on such a sale, but to hold a timber asset for decades and not to get the same treatment on it. Ongoing management costs are current, not future expenditures. As such, they deserve current deduction against income which may or may not be sourced in timber sales. Further, to encourage future generations with suitable quantities of wood products, reforestation costs should be expensed so as to encourage such investments - even 

longer claim capital gains, annual deduction of business costs or  reforestration costs our incentive to manage our forests will decrease and landowners will reduce the amount they spend on Tree Farm investments. We are cutting timber for the first time on our Tree Farm after 20 years of expenses. Expenses deducted now that are 20 years old are almost useless due to inflation. We need some incentive to compensate for the real loss of the deduction due to inflation or forestry investments will decline.”
Robert S. Qualman , Brentwood, TN

“If we changed to a real “flat tax” with no deductions, I would have no problem cancelling these deductions. As long as there are any deductions, these three should also remain.”
Anonymous, Texarkana, AR

“It would sustantially limit my investment in the land ownership asset class.”
Les Turk, Little Rock, AR

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