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6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners


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With Continued Economic Turmoil And Political Uncertainty In In 2012, What Specific Changes Are You Considering In Your Forest Management Plans? 


Economic and Political stability (or instability) are variables in the external environment which can affect landowner management plans. We found that our members were making some changes based on these variables— responses varied from decisions considering selling, buying, to standing pat.

"Continue to thin for forest health and wait for sawtimber prices to come back. The great thing about trees is they don’t care about all this stuff…they just keep growing."
Troy Harris Norcross, GA

"We are not planning any changes in our forest management.As stewards of the timber, wildlife and land, we still believe that we are responsible for the maintenance of these assets. Our management will include prescribed burns, chemical treatments, select cutting and maintenance of roads and wildlife openings.We do pray that we see a significant change for the better in Washington. "
Phillip Jones, Andalusia, AL

"We have not had a formal plan — it’s been ad hoc, case by case. I have hired a member of American Consulting Foresters (ACF) to help us develop a plan. I plan to increase our sales 

2012 elections. "
Kurt Atkinson, Oklahoma City, OK 

"Remove invasive species, price of timber only down 10%. Little change economically at my lands (LA)."
Joseph Mitchell,South Barrington, IL  

"None — except to maybe build some needed roads before the EPA requires a permit. "
Will Varn, Hoboken, GA

"None. Continue to plug along with good forest management until timber prices improve. I have delayed thinning for a couple of years but plan to proceed with it this year even though prices have not rebounded yet. "
David Kimbrough, Charlotte, NC

"Taking time to update plans from recent deferred cuts. May seek to market pole-quality trees in small quantity "
Sara Baldwin, Athens, GA

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activity slightly this year partly to get used to working with our new consultant and learning how to take a more systematic approach on an overall basis, partly to help cash flow, and partly to develop an overall management plan. "
Robert Harrison,Crossville, TN

"Sell Sell Sell SELL! Land taxes are crushing me! "
Joseph Mcever, Milledgeville, GA

"As a state forestry advisor to landowners, and not a landowner myself, I expect continued deferrals in tree planting, thinning and forest improvement practices due to economic and political uncertainties. The current administration’s reliance on onerous rules and regulations, most of which place additional costly burdens on the regulated community(landowners, vendors, businesses), and the inability of a divided Congress to overturn them, make the current investment climate very difficult. Cash on hand will remain so, or capital will flee to more stablealternatives until after the 






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