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The leading advocate for the rights of private forest owners in the United States.




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6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners


New Member Orientation
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 Welcome to the Forest Landowners Association!


MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS                                                                                    

In the following sections you will find more detailed descriptions on your benefits.



Since 1941, when FLA was founded, our mission and guiding purpose has and always will remain the same: “To protect and advocate for all private forest landowners across the country-regardless of size, corporate structure, location, certification status, or tax classification.” Your membership allows us to continue improving our efforts to protect you and your interests as a forest landowner.

Our efforts to protect, promote, and advocate for private landowners expand beyond lobbying for property rights to telling their story to policy makers in terms of economic impact, jobs created, family legacy and great stewards of the resource.



Exclusive Benefits 

Your online account is used to access these exclusive membership benefits:

Social Media 

Stay up-to-date on FLA's latest action alerts, events, and other activities. We post the most up-to-date information about our policy alerts, events, eNewsletters, and other general information on our Facebook page and Twitter* site. Click the icon buttons below to see what we've posted most recently. 

*You can access our twitter page even if you do not have a twitter account. 

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Every year, Congress debates hundreds of pieces of legislation with the potential to enhance or diminish forest landowners’ rights to manage their land. Your resources, profitability, and management rights may all be at risk by one misguided bill or regulation. 

FLA works to influence Congress on issues important to you by advocating how certain issues will / already have affected you and / or your loved ones. 




FLA influences Congress on the issues that are important to YOU. Ensure your voice is heard on national forestry issues by sharing your story.  Check our Capwiz homepage for any current Action Alerts. 

When a legislative issue reaches a critical point you will receive a CapWiz Action Alert eMail. Simply click on the “Take Action” button to send a tailored message to your member of Congress, or write your own.




CapWiz, one of the many advocacy tools FLA uses, keeps members informed and engaged. Members can find the following information through CapWiz:



What Can I do on CAPWIZ?

  • Send an email to your elected officials when called to action
  • Research federal government agencies
  • Research all legislation currently before congress
  • Sign up to receive voting records for your elected officials
  • Learn basic etiquette for contacting Congress
  • Follow political races for each state
  • Follow political races for the federal government
  • Contact local media outlets to inform the public of FLA policy issues

Type in your zip code and click go! in the widget above to see whether officials in your area are supporting or against FLA's legislative issues. 

Election Guide

  • Detailed biographical information on
    • State and Federal candidates
      • Current state and federal officials
  • Detailed information on
    • Presidential Race
      • Races relative to your location
  • Directories for
    • Congress
      • Senate
      • State officials
  • Voter Information relative to your location 

Select your state from the drop down menu in the widget above to be redirected to your election guide featuring everything you need to know on the presidential race, congressional races, state legislature races, statewide races,and statewide ballot measures!

The Issues

  • Current Forestry Legislation
  • How your officials are voting
  • Information on upcoming votes
Contact the Media

Why is this all so important?

  • If our organization is going to be successful in our lobbying, grassroots mobilization,  and  target  campaign contributions , our membership must be proactive and contact their elected officials.

  • If we do not actively engage our politications, we run the risk of losing key legislationwon over the last 70 years!

Select your state from the drop down menu to be redirected to Voter Information in your state. Find your polling place and file an application for an absentee ballot



You can help FLA be more effective in influencing policy makers by telling us your story on our Discussion Forums page. Sharing your personal story about the impact certain issues may have (or already have had) on your ownership or management of your land is the most powerful device in influencing Members of Congress. Your comments will bring issues to life so please give it serious consideration.

Telling your story WILL have an impact. DO NOT underestimate the value of your voice in Washington! We will share these real life stories with members of Congress.





FLA protects private property rights and enhances forestland ownership by advocating on behalf of America’s private forest landowners year-round in Washington D.C. For the remaining year of 2012 FLA is actively engaged in the following legislative issues:


  • Death Tax
  • Forest Roads
  • Private Property Rights Protection Act
  • Farm Bill
  • Canadian Lumber
  • Boiler MACT

To view a full detailed list of policy issues FLA has a position on, please see our Policy Issues webpage. Direct lobbying, grassroots mobilization, and direct campaign support through FLA’s political action committee (PAC) are the three crucial advocacy tools FLA uses to protect, promote, and advocate the rights of private forest landowners.  

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Presents private forest landowners across the country with guidance on forestland management options, applications of current forestry research, and national legislative issues that helps them sustain their forestland ownership. 

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The Association’s bi-weekly e-newsletter alerts members of current government affairs issues affecting them in order to mobilize its national grassroots network on behalf of private forest landowners across the country. eNewsletter archives can be found on our website. 

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Published quarterly, The Land Report provides news, information, and insight into America’s land for existing and potential landowners. Members reporting acres will be mailed each issue; all other members enjoy access to a digital version of the current issue on the FLA website. 

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Education and Networking Opportunities let members communicate and collaborate landowner-to-landowner, as well as provide direct access to forestry experts, services and product providers. Learn new strategies; find new resources—it’s the best way to ensure your future success. You can find more information under the events tab on our website. 

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Throughout the year, we host regional meetings around the country to connect you with resources and ideas, tailored to your local community.Upcoming Meetings: Charlotte NC (August 23rd), Wilmington, DE (October).

When the green in your portfolio is in millions of trees, it's important to have expert help managing your resources. FLA provides vital information through the 2012 Forest Managment & Economic Series. Interaction with industry experts and your peers will help boost profitability, improve stewardship, and sustain your legacy for the next generation. Each meeting will include four speakers addressing issues such as:


    1. How Regulation affects your current and future forest management practices  
    2. How you can positively impact the legislative process

    1. Current Status
    2. Future Prospects

    1. Forest Health
    2. Invasive Species
    3. Varietal Seedlings



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Our popular National Conference of Private Forest Landowners provides you with direct access to top experts and service and product providers in forestry who furnish the knowledge you require to stay informed.

Join hundreds of forest landowners and industry partners every year at the most comprehensive and informative national conference specifically designed for forest landowners. Upcoming National Conferences:

  • 2012: May 30th-June 1st at the SawGrass Marriot in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
  • 2013: June 5th – 7th at The Coeur d’Alene in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

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Available exclusively to members , the Forest Landowners Insurance Program offers policies for hunt lease liability, vacant land liability, consulting forester liability, and health care coverage for individuals or employers. Over 5,000 landowners, clubs, and foresters and nearly 3 million acres are covered under the program. Call (800) 658-7047 or visit the insurance program website for more information.

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