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Tomorrow, FLA will ask you to Help Repeal the Death Tax
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Tomorrow, FLA will ask you to Help Repeal the Death Tax

October 6, 2010

Tomorrow, the Forest Landowners Association (FLA), in cooperation with long-time ally American Family Business Institute, will send its members an important action alert to ask for your help during this campaign session. Our request will be to contact your U.S. Senators, your U.S. Representative and their political challengers to ask that they all sign the 2010 Estate Tax Repeal Pledge. An easy-to-use email program will be provided for you to contact your current Congressional representatives. Telephone numbers will be provided to help access challengers. The pledge is an opportunity for your Congressional candidate to affirm their commitment to permanently repeal the economically destructive estate tax (also termed, “death tax”).

By signing this pledge, the Congressional candidate will acknowledge that taxing family business owners, farmers, and family forest owners at a high, punitive rate - simply because they have died - is unfair and unwise. In all cases, the capital has been taxed multiple times. Thus, the death tax is a form of double, or even triple, taxation. In addition, the negative economic impact of retaining a high estate tax is significant. According to a Harris Interactive poll, the death tax is the most hated tax in America, with 67% of voters supporting permanent repeal.

Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Congressional Budget Office director, projects that over 1.5 million small business jobs could be created by completely and permanently repealing the death tax. In this poor economic climate, where small businesses have borne the brunt of job losses, permanent death tax elimination provides an immediate means to turn the tide on this problem and begin adding jobs back to the most productive sector of our economy.

The death tax was temporarily repealed on January 1, 2010, but will be “revived” in 2011 at as high a rate as 55%. In order to protect America’s family businesses and workers in every state from this tax nightmare, Congress must listen to the American people and pass legislation to permanently repeal the death tax. By signing the 2010 Estate Tax Repeal Pledge, your candidate can assure you and other constituents that they will be representing your best interests by working towards this goal. Through your participation in this Action Alert, FLA will also be asking current incumbents who are not up for re-election to pledge to support permanent repeal of the tax by signing the 2010 Estate Tax Repeal Pledge as well.

For more information about this issue, or others affecting private forest landowners, please contact Frank Stewart at or (703) 549-0347.





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