The Rob Olszewski Fellowship in Forest Policy and Analysis

We propose to develop the Rob Olszewski fellowships in forest policy. These fellowships will be awarded and administered by the Forest Landowner Foundation to deserving students interested in a career in forest policy. Available to undergraduate and graduate students, the fellowships will provide funding for a wide array of forest policy activities to expose students to forest policy professionals and processes over the course of a year. The activities may include, but are not limited to, several weeks in Washington, DC working with national forestry associations such as the Forest Landowners Association and the National Alliance of Forest Owners. Meetings with agencies such as USDA, Forest Service, NRCS and EPA. The Fellowship will create the ability to travel to forest policy meetings and events, and fund research associated which forest policy development and implementation. Each student will submit a plan of study and a budget for consideration by the selection committee. Awards are expected to be in the $15,000 to $20,000 range over the course of a given year. The Forest Landowner Foundation staff and Trustees will work with each recipient to develop a program. The intent will be to fund two to three students a year from contributions raised by The Forest Landowners Association and friends / colleagues of Rob’s.


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