Over the past 10 years the Forest Landowner Political Action Committee has contributed over $325,000 to the campaigns of those individuals seeking office that not only understand our goals but champion them in DC. Every year, Congress debates hundreds of pieces of legislation with the potential to enhance or diminish forest landowners’ rights to manage their land and these individuals serve as our front line of defense. One misguided bill or regulation could do long-term harm to your resources, your profitability and your management rights.

2017 will be a year of opportunity to be proactive in abolishing the Federal Death Tax, repeal EPA’s Waters of the US rule making, protect our markets by defining wood as a carbon neutral and make progress on a more sensible Endangered Species Act. To continue ensuring we are part of the solution to some of our nation’s issues and not the problem we must have a seat at the table. This is why it is our duty to keep private forest landowner’s issues front and center. Providing access and a voice for your issues in the U.S. Congress and the Administration is the Forest Landowner Association’s top priority and we pledge to elevate the profile and status of private forest landowners and management issues to intensify your presence in Washington, D.C.

The Forest Landowner Association’s visible leadership as an advocate for private forest landowners in Washington, DC is paying dividends and bolstering the awareness of key issues that impact your ability to own and manage your property. In this 115th Congress we need your support to make sure we make the most of this opportunity.

We need your support to ensure private forest landowners and businesses that depend on forest resources have a seat at the table with pro-forestry members of Congress who will be advocates for our issues.

The Forest Landowner Political Action Committee needs your contributions to help ensure we keep pro-private forests landowner policy makers in the U.S. Congress. Increased presence on Capitol Hill, coupled with a Political Action Committee that is well-funded and “tuned in” to the political process can make a difference.

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