The Forest Landowners Association signed on to a letter by the National Ocean Policy Coalition urging President-elect Joe Biden to continue collaborative, transparent, and balanced multi-use ocean policies within the existing statutory framework that support economic and environmental goals while removing barriers to beneficial coordination.

Why Support Ocean Policy Initiatives?

Support for multi-use ocean policies can and does affect industries operating well inland. Many FLA members hold land coastal states that could be directly affected by overreaching ocean policies. Support for this effort from all American economic sectors is critical in avoiding a return to more restrictive ocean policies and unnecessary regulatory bodies that could threaten activities both at sea and on land. Collaborative and fair ocean policies will also stimulate the overall economy and job creation, which will be beneficial for all sectors. Other land-based signees include American Loggers Council, American Farm Bureau Federation, and the Family Farm Alliance.

What is the Ask?

Through this letter, we ask the administration to consider the conservation benefits already provided under existing state and federal laws and initiatives. We also urge the administration to establish tools for effective engagement with the private sector, including through the establishment of an advisory group that represent the full range of potentially impacted industries to assist in this policy initiative. An advisory group would help ensure decisions that are based on sound science, carefully considered, balanced, and reflective of the interests of all sectors.

We are looking forward to working with the National Ocean Policy Coalition and the new administration on this important issue.