To tell your story and ensure U.S. wood in the marketplace as mass timber and building construction are expected to soar in the next decade, FLA is traveling the country meeting with the design and build community.

Wood Works Seminar Series

Each month in 2020, FLA’s Vice President, Melinda Gable will be in a different city meeting with architects and engineers as part of a WoodWorks Seminar Series. The first event was held in Seattle, Washington, where the venue had to be changed twice due to demand, with more than 100 professionals attending from California, Oregon, Iowa, and Washington.

Securing a Strong Place for U.S. Wood

With the global marketplace for sustainability materials estimated to reach $529 billion in 2020, securing a strong place for U.S. wood is essential to expanding wood markets that create a demand for your timber. That means both telling the positive story of forest owners, their management of the resource and ability to meet the demand for a sustainable wood supply. Unified support is essential as the sustainability battlefield continues to spread from the state to the federal level.

Strong Markets = Healthy Forests

There is so much misinformation about the state of our forests in the media that creates confusion about global forest health versus the health and sustainable management of privately owned forest in the United States.

“FLA knows that strong markets for wood contribute to healthy forests by giving landowners the incentive to invest in forest management and remain economically viable. That is a crucial part of the message we are delivering to the design and build community. After my presentation, it’s like a light bulb goes off in their heads  – and attendees for the first time realize the importance of using wood to keeping landowners in business and their land in forest use.” Melinda Gable, FLA Vice President

Feedback from attendees:

“I had never thought of the needs of private forests owners in terms of a business and planting a renewable resource. Now, I feel like using wood products is the most environmentally thing I can do to help forests thrive.”

“I thoroughly appreciated the breadth of knowledge that was presented. It was critical that the complete cycle from timber as resource and building material, to manufacturing, to design planning and construction planning was presented.”

“Your presentation was a critical component to helping me understand material as renewable resource.”

“Mostly new content to me and changed my understanding of the larger industry in terms of forest owners economic needs for keeping lands in forests.”

Interest in Mass Timber Buildings Continues to Soar in the US

The number of mass timber buildings completed in the US doubled from 2018 to 2019, with the total nearing 250.

While mass timber projects continue to see a heavier concentration in California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, and Texas, WoodWorks is now tracking 664 mass timber projects in design or construction across the United States.

As of the end of Q3 2019, WoodWorks reported 427 projects in which the design team is considering the use of mass timber and 237 mass timber projects that have been constructed.