The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) applauds the Trump Administration’s recognition of the contribution forests and forest landowners make to rural economies evidenced most recently by the Tuesday, April 25 signing of the Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity.

The FLA has been working closely with the administration and are encouraged by their quick understanding of, and willingness to promote the amazing resource that is this country’s forests and their owners. We see this executive order as evidence that forestry and the forest products sector is finally being recognized by an administration for the contributions it makes to our agricultural economy.

FLA CEO Scott Jones stated, “The Trump Administration clearly understands that in many rural communities across our country, and almost all of the states in the Southeast, forestry is a primary economic driver to providing jobs and contributing to the funding of rural schools.  It all starts in the woods, with the landowners who own the land and grow the trees.”

In the executive order, the President states that “a reliable, safe, and affordable food, fiber, and forestry supply is critical to America’s national security, stability, and prosperity.  It is in the national interest to promote American agriculture and protect the rural communities where food, fiber, forestry, and many of our renewable fuels are cultivated.” We feel strongly that our members and their contributions to the economies where they live is an incredible example of the motivation behind the executive order and we are excited about the opportunities to partner with this administration to advance the interest of family forest landowners who fuel our economy while stewarding this incredible resource.

“Owning and managing private forests is a specialized business that not everyone understands but whose benefits touch us all and the Trump administration has started off on the right foot to ensure the legacy of privately owned forests in America,” said Jones.