We need your assistance in completing and sharing the Cost of Forestry Practices in the South 2018 survey.  FLA and Auburn University have partnered on this endeavor.

In 1953, Albert C. Worrell reported results of the original cost of forestry practices study in Forest Farmer magazine.  Similar surveys were conducted periodically until 1982 when the survey began being reported at two-year intervals. This is the 25th version of this survey.  Results from the 2018 survey will be compared to costs reported in prior surveys and reported in the Forest Landowner Magazine.

Please be as accurate as possible in completing the survey, but it is not necessary to undertake special studies in order to do so.  If your records don’t readily yield the information we are seeking, provide the best estimates you can.  Individual errors in making estimates will be overcome when all replies are averaged together.  If you did not complete an activity in 2018, leave that section blank.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

  1. Take the survey online by clicking this link: Cost of Forestry Practices Survey 
  2. Print and complete the Survey and mail to the address below. Click this link to print the survey 2018 Costs of forestry practices survey

Mail completed surveys to:
Adam Maggard
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Auburn University, AL  36849-5418
Phone:  334-844-2401
Email: Adm0074@auburn.edu

Thank you for your time and input.  2016 Cost of Forestry Practices in the South