Terry and Barbara Glancy

Pine Ridge Sanctuary

Homestead, Florida

The Glancy’s have been and continue to be exemplary stewards of one of Florida’s most endangered ecosystems, the Pine Rockland.  Pine Rocklands occur on the coastal Miami rock ridge, a limestone rock outcropping that extends south and west from North Miami Beach to Long Pine Key in Everglades National Park. Only one percent of the original 192,000 acres of this system still exists today as fragmented isolated islands.

Pine Ridge Sanctuary and its Pine Rocklands represent decades of careful and professional stewardship. This South Florida Slash pine forest is a outstanding example of the rarest forested ecosystems in North America. Long forgotten is professional forestry, this rare and historically important forest is globally imperiled. Under the stewardship of the Glancy’s, this parcel has been brought back from abuse and the devastating effects of hurricane Andrew. This forest represents the best managed private forests in South Florida.

As an extraordinary example of private forest management, Pine Ridge Sanctuary is often used as an educational site for other forest managers and an example of reference conditions for remaining pine rocklands planned for restoration. Terry and Barbara Glancy are regional leaders in forest management and their management of this precious example of Florida’s original forest is exemplary.

“We purchased our property in 1976 while still living up in Detroit where we owned and operated Grosse Pointe Botanical Gardens. Barbara and I would travel down to Florida 2 to 4 times yearly to load up tractor trailers with tropical plants to sell in our store. During these trips, we would take some time to do some selective herbicide work to try to clear the largest of the exotic pest plants off of the pineland. Our first prescribed burn was in 2/1979 as a training excercise for the Florida Division of Forestry. This is the first time our pineland had been burned in well over 50 years – the resulting smoke could be seen all the way down to Marathon in the Keyes and throughout Miami. This burn clearly showed us that there is no alternative to prescribed burning to maintain a fire climax plant community.”

Terry Glancy

Landowner, Pine Ridge Sanctuary


Terry and Barbara Glancy purchased fifteen acres of degraded south Florida pineland in 1976 and began restoring the land by first removing exotic plants such as Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, Burma reed and Natal grass. Prescribed fire was introduced on the property in 1979 and they have reestablished south Florida slash pines on much of the property, involving a unique practice of drilling seedlings directly into the hard limerock surface.

The Glancy’s have spent the better part of the past 33 years attempting to understand their property Pine Ridge Sanctuary, a critically endangered ecosystem in southern Florida. They have been dedicated in learning to properly manage the property to ensure its preservation, and in soliciting technical assistance and funding, at several bureaucratic levels, to assist them in these goals and management tasks.