Research for the Future of Core Family Forests

The Forest Landowner Foundation is the only entity dedicated to focused research, data, and communications that enable those who own and manage their working forests with a holistic approach – financially, environmentally and socially – to fulfill their family’s forest legacy and pass on the tradition to future generations.

We understand that forestland is essential to your family’s economic prosperity. Our focus is to grow the marketplace that delivers that prosperity. We do this by funding research in areas of markets, management, and ownership of family forests. To support these goals, support the Foundation.

The aim of FLF research is to provide data, messaging, and awareness for and about core family forests and their owners. Ensuring that they have strong traditional and emerging wood markets, are fairly compensated for their forest resources, and have a regulatory environment that enables them to sustain healthy forests is a prerequisite to our ultimate goal: economic viability from forestlands and the generational transfer of our collective forestry legacy.

Through our funded research, we endeavor to correct the popular narrative, redefine who America’s family forest landowners really are, and to communicate accurate statistics about them. This is to ensure that public perception, media outlets, policymakers, and corporations understand the commitment of family owners and the vast resources that family forests offer for both ecological needs and wood supply demands.


Our intent is simple:

  1. Be a source for issues, facts, and figures related to private working forest that is accurate, unbiased, and understandable. Use this data to Reclaim the Narrative.
  2. Create a positive perception of America’s Forest Caretakers as responsible stewards of forest resources and the environment.
  3. Through our Engagement Program, facilitate informed decisions by diverse stakeholders (NGOs, the private sector, government agencies) regarding private forestry-related issues.

FLF funded research supports the economic viability of the private forest landowner in areas of expanding the use of wood, new markets, management and ownership of family forests.