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Our Unique Perspective

While other organizations are working to sustain and protect the forests, FLA is working to sustain the people who own them.

We know that to have healthy forests, you must promote and protect the interests of the individuals who own, manage and make a livelihood from their unique natural resources.

Longleaf Pine Cost-Share Funds Available

The Forest Landowners Association has cost-share funds available through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund for private landowners to establish, enhance, or maintain longleaf pine on their property.

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FLA Applauds U.S. Commerce Department Trade Enforcement Resulting in Greater Economic Stability for FLA’s Timber Growing Members

On November 24, 2021, the United States Department of Commerce announced anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber producers, by doubling tariffs to 17.9% on their imports, more than twice the previously imposed rate of 8.9%. The actions were...

Muddied Waters, as EPA Moves to Revert to Restrictive Pre-2015 WOTUS Definition

After years of muddied waters, the Trump Administration’s Navigable Waters Protection Rule, offered clarity and definition of what a “navigable water” is to the issue of Waters of the United States (WOTUS) and the Clean Water Act (CWA), brought relief to forest...

Applying Maximum Pressure to Safeguard Key Tax Provisions

Family-owned and operated businesses face several challenges when transitioning to the next generation of ownership, including navigating the tax code. As recent jobs reports indicate, the economy remains on delicate footing, and at a time when many families and...

U.S. Labor Shortage Cause Ripple Effect with Seasonal H-2B Forestry Workers

Due to nationwide labor shortages in all workforces, the cap on H-2B temporary labor visas was reached on September 30, marking it the earliest point in time that the first half H-2B cap has ever been reached in program history. In response, FLA joined other forestry...

Shedding Light On Southern U.S. Forestry Costs

In 1952, Puerto Rico became an official part of the U.S., the “Today” show debuted on NBC and the cost of forestry practices in the south was first reported by Albert C. Worrell. That first report called “What does it Cost to Practice Forestry in the South?” was the...

Congress Passes Infrastructure Bill with Federal Forestry Provisions

After months of gridlock, late last Friday Congress passed the bipartisan $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes $555 billion in new funding for mostly “traditional” infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.). However, the term “forest” is...

Senators Warnock and Cassidy Emerge as Champions of Nations Forest Landowners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 21, 2021 Senators Warnock and Cassidy Emerge as Champions of Nations Forest Landowners WASHINGTON, DC – In the midst of Hurricane season and with wildfires still raging in the pacific northwest, the nation’s forest landowners are holding...

Bipartisan Tax Legislation Introduced to Help Forest Landowners Recover After Natural Disasters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 29, 2021 Bipartisan Tax Legislation Introduced to Help Forest Landowners Recover After Natural Disasters WASHINGTON, DC -The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) applauds the introduction of bi-partisan H.R. 4210: The Disaster Reforestation...

FLA Recognizes Enviva As Its Corporate Partner of the Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 24, 2021 FLA Recognizes Enviva As Its Corporate Partner of the Year WASHINGTON, DC – The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) recognized Enviva as its 2021 Corporate Partner of the Year for the work it does with private forest landowners....

FLA Honors Those Who Support Forest Landowners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 24, 2021  FLA Honors Those Who Support Forest Landowners  WASHINGTON, DC – The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) recognized those who went “above and beyond” in 2021 to ensure the continued success of private forest landowners, at its...

Who We Are

We are an association of landowners who are the stewards of America’s private forests. Our members manage their land with a sustainable approach, ensuring the prosperity of their forests for future generations. They range from large forest businesses whose land has been in their families for generations to those who have become forest landowners because they view forests as a long-term investment.

What We Do

We are committed to preserving America’s tradition of private forest ownership, promoting the importance of forest resources, and ensuring a legacy that can be passed to the next generation.
FLA was founded to advocate policy initiatives that address our member’s economic challenges, ensure their property rights and promote the vitality of forest landownership.

Why That’s

Policy Priorities


Growth in Markets

Fair and Balanced Regulations

Private Property Rights

Forest Landowners Essential to Nation’s Wood Supply, Rural Economies, and Environmental Health

The benefits of managed forests begin with the commitment, investment, and hard work of the landowner

Whether you care about drinking water, clean air, or economic benefits, we must understand the role that forest landowners play and the importance of harvesting timber to provide income for the caretakers of the forests.