The Forest Landowner Foundation is promoting a “100 for 100” fundraising initiative in conjunction with the Forest Landowners Association Family Business Conference.

Our goal is for a minimum of 100 people to contribute a $100 or more to the Foundation during the next 10 days.

Two anonymous Foundation donors have pledged to match up to $20,000 for each dollar donated or pledged during the “100 for 100” campaign.

The Foundation is run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers, so administrative costs are minimal. When you support the Foundation, you can rest assured your contribution is going directly to its programs – programs that make a difference to the economic viability of your private forest as well as to the future legacy of forest landowners across the country.

The Forest Landowner Foundation focuses contributions in the following areas:

  1. Future Forestry Leaders: recruiting, educating and employing the next generation
  2. Research and Data: supporting the economic viability of the private forest landowner in areas of expanding the use of wood, new markets, management and ownership of family forests
  3. Confidence and trust: in the management and sustainability of private forests via the collaboration of diverse stakeholders to create solutions for the stewardship of private forests, market access, and generational transfer of forestland
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