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Latest from the Forest Landowners Association!

States Ask Federal Appeals Court to Reconsider Endangered Species Act Ruling

On August 10, 2016 fifteen states including Georiga, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama filed a petition in support of a landowner’s request to have his case heard by the entire 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In the case of Markle vs. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Louisiana landowner is hoping to keep his 1500 forested acres from being classified as “critical habitat” to the dusky gopher frog, a species classified as endangered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 

When land is classified as critical to the survival of an endangered species act, a landowner’s ability to make management decisions for piece of property may be curtailed. At the center of this case is that the land in question, deemed essential by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, is in Louisiana where the dusky gopher frog has not been observed since 1967.(more)


Treasury Department Proposes Changes in Family Business Valuation Approach

Earlier this month, the Internal Revenue Service proposed changes to section 2704(b) that would remove what family business advocates consider legitimate valuation discounts for estate, gift and generation skipping taxes. These discounts have been used for nearly twenty years to protect family business from over taxation at the time of a transfer of shares via death or gift.

The Family Business Coalition (FBC) is urging anyone that owns and operates a family-owned business to make themselves familiar with the proposed rule and to submit comments about how the rule will negatively impact their business before the deadline on November 1, 2016. (more)

FLA awarded $100,000 grant for engaging large timberland owners in longleaf restoration and at-risk species conservation

The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to engage large, private timberland owners in ongoing efforts to increase and improve coordination among federal and state agencies to engage working forests landowners in longleaf restoration and the conservation of at-risk species.

A primary objective of the grant is to ensure at-risk species determinations do not discourage timberland owners from planting longleaf pine stands. Instead, the goal is that through collaboration and better understanding of the management of working forests, a pathway that encourages large timberland owners to plant longleaf pine stands can be developed. This pathway would balance at-risk species regulations, forest management objectives and the economic interests of the private landowner. (more)


Survey Explores Private Landowner Attitudes About Endangered Species Act

A doctoral candidate at the Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources at the University of Georgia has authored and issued a survey aimed at better understanding the attitudes private landowners have about endangered species and the Endangered Species Act. Lauren Ward, the principal author of the survey told the Forest Landowners Association that she thought the study was important because the issue thus far hasn’t been studied.

“When we looked into the research in this area, we found that there had never really been a comprehensive study addressing the private forest landowners’ perspective on endangered species conservation and the disincentives that are out there under the Endangered Species Act,” Ward said.

Ward approached the Forest Landowners Association about distributing a link to the survey to its members. The response to the survey was a pleasant surprise for Ward. “We didn’t know how many respondents we would be able to get,” Ward said.  “At the end of the day we had over 1100 respondents who filled out our survey, which was a number that was far and above our expectations.” (more)

Forest Forum Focuses on Private Forest Landowners, Endangered Species, Increased Collaboration

On Wednesday, June 1 the Forest Landowners Association held a forest forum with key members of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The forum preceded the National Conference of Private Forest Landowners and focused on endangered species and the role that private forest landowners can play in efforts to protect those species. (more)




EPA will not regulate forest road discharges via Clean Water Act

On Monday, June 27th the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water submitted a notice in the federal register that it would not regulate storm water discharges from forest roads under the Clean Water Act. (more)



Survey Finds High Levels of Attendee Satisfaction with National Conference

In our ongoing effort to organize an annual conference that delivers exceptional value to our members, we authored and issued a follow-up survey to better gauge overall satisfaction with this year’s National Conference of Forest Landowners. (more)



Forest America’s Social Media Presence and Impact Growing Rapidly

Forest America is the Forest Landowner Association’s online and social media effort to take the message of the role that working forests play in maintaining forest acreage to a broader audience. In March a daily campaign was launched with a particular focus on increasing the number of total followers on Twitter, a popular social media site, thereby increasing the overall reach of Forest America’s message. (more)

Robert Crosby, Chairman of the Forest Landowners Association Political Action Committee (FLA-PAC), interviewed by the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.

Educating Lawmakers About Forest Business
Listen to the interview on the Alabama Forest Owners' Association website.

Final Rule on Northern Long Eared Bat Released

In January, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released the final rule regarding protective measures for the Northern Long Eared Bat. According to the press release by the USFWS, “The rule is designed to protect the bat while minimizing regulatory requirements for landowners, land managers, government agencies and others within the species’ range.”
Upon initial review of the rule, it appears that it maintained many of the concessions the forestry community was seeking.

The Final 4(d) Rule defines a White Nose Syndrome Zone (“WNS Zone”),as an area that will be updated on the first of each month on the USFWS website – it will be a wide area currently covering much of the east coast and midwest, including Ohio. Within this WNS Zone, incidental take is prohibited only if:

  1. actions result in the incidental take of northern long-eared bats in hibernacula;
  2. actions result in the incidental take of northern long-eared bats by altering a known hibernaculum’s entrance or interior environment if the alteration impairs an essential behavioral pattern, including sheltering northern long-eared bats; or

  3. tree removal activities result in the incidental take of northern long-eared bats when the activity either occurs within 0.25 mile (0.4 kilometer) of a known hibernaculum, or cuts or destroys known, occupied maternity roost trees or any other trees within a 150-foot (45-meter) radius from the maternity roost tree during the pup season (June 1 through July 31)

Thus, incidental take attributable to maintenance, development, and rights-of-way (including new and expanded right-of-ways) is not prohibited by this Final 4(d) Rule, provided the conservation measures contained in the Rule are followed.


Run some numbers and check out your tax write-off for 2015.

Made permanent by Congress, the Section 179 Tax Deduction means it's advantageous to purchase new or used equipment, vehicles, and/or software for your business.  

Last December Congress passed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), which was signed into law by President Obama - along with a comprehensive Omnibus spending measure.  With the passage of PATH. Section 179 was made retroactive for 2015 with the $500,000 deduction limit (without the measure the limit was $25,000).
The Forest Landowners Association praised the tax extender move noting that this is significant for family forestry operations.  Forestry operations require significant investments in machinery, equipment and other depreciable capital; forest landowners depend on tax provisions that allow them to write off these business expenses in the year purchases are made. This kind of flexibility in the tax code boosts family forests businesses, helping to increase cash flow and reduce borrowing.


"Section 179 and bonus depreciation lend stability and help minimize risk in an unpredictable business, forest landowners rely on tax provisions that allow them to manage their cash flow and put their money back to work for their businesses and local economies,” commented Bill Siegel, FLA Regional Vice President and timber tax attorney.  “These tax provisions are absolutely beneficial to private forest landowners of all sizes.  Making Section 179 permanent, provides assurances that will greatly help solidify financial planning for the future for private landowners.”  

The key is getting some certainty back into the tax code, which is important if you’re running a business for the long haul and what forestry operation isn’t doing that.
C-Corporation Timber Companies also benefit from PATH
A provision to reduce the top tax rate paid by certain corporations on profits from the sale of timber that has been held for more than 15 years was also included. The rate for 2016 would be 23.8 percent, down from 35 percent. This provision has been sought in the past and is commonly referred to as the “Tree Act” and would make C Corporation timber companies more competitive with REIT’s.


EPA’s Overreaching Water Rule

EPA’s Waters of the United States rule officially went into effect on August 28th, in all but 13 states, drastically expanding the reach of the federal government. Because of this regulatory overreach, forest landowners as well as other businesses and local governments will be forced to get costly federal land use permits.The new rule released by the EPA places excessive burdens for forest landowners of all sizes and geographical locations. As such, the new rule has created considerable and potentially costly confusion for landowners, businesses and communities who are just trying to be good stewards of the resource.Read More –

Will Congress Do The Right Thing on Tax Extenders?

It’s become almost an annual ritual around the winter holidays: Congress extends dozens of expired or soon-to-expire tax provisions on a temporary basis at the last minute, leaving forest landowners and related business scrambling with only a few days to take action to claim the deductions.  But could this year be different and could Congress actually do the right thing instead of waiting until the last minute?Read More –

Forest Landowners Association Launches Timber Talks and Forest Forum Campaigns

Georgia forest landowners host Cong. Hice for first event

On Timber Talks sets the stage for forestry stakeholders to meet face-to-face with elected officials and advocate on behalf of forestry stakeholders to give policy makers a first-hand look at how private landowners manage their forests and how policy considered in Washington has an impact.

Read More »


Georgia Forest Landowners Host Cong. Hice for First Timber Talks Event

On The FLA Timber Talks campaign got off to a great start on April 2, with more than 50 representatives from the forestry community attending an event to engage in dialogue with freshman Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA10). Serving his first term in Congress and the only Member of Congress in the Georgia delegation appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee, Congressman Hice was proactive in contacting FLA to organize a Timber Talks event.

Read More »


The 114th Congress


24% of private forest landowners in the United States have newly elected Members of Congress in the United States Senate. This 24% of landowners represents 31% of privately owned forest acres. The twelve freshman Senate Representatives represent a combined total of 135 million acres of private forests and 2.7 million private forest landowners.

Read More »



Pulp Fiction - Celebrating National Forest Products Week



Unsual basket of forest products


In 2013, the U.S. produced 49.4 million metric tons of wood pulp. Where did all that pulp go? You might be surprised.

Join us as we follow a day in the life of a fictitious consumer and see how the wood from American family forests is woven into her daily life. 


Presentations from the 2014 SE Regional Manager and Landowner Conference


View and download all the presentations that were given at the 2014 South East Regional Forest Resource Owner and Manager Conference in Valdosta, Georgia.

See the presentations »



EPA's Waters of the US Proposal Introduces Costly Burdens for Forest Landowners


Waters of the US

In late spring, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) released a proposed rule that identifies the waters that are jurisdictional under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).

The proposed rule would redefine the scope of federal power, expanding the list of water features subject to regulation under the CWA.

Read More » Attend the 2014 Policy Summit in Atlanta, Georgia on August 14th to learn more about this issue and other issues that will directly impact private forest landowners.
Visit the 2014 Policy Summit information page and register today »


Implications Proposed ESA Listing of NLEB will have on Private Forest Landowners and Managers


Northern Long-Eared Bat

The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to list the Northern Long-Eared bat (NLEB) as an endangered species protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The proposed listing under current proposed restrictions would put a halt to summer logging in 39 States and have little impact on helping the species to recover as the sole threat to these bats’ populations is a non-native fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome (WNS) for which there is no known cure. Read More »

Attend the 2014 Policy Summit in Atlanta, Georgia on August 14th to learn more about this issue and other issues that will directly impact private forest landowners.
Visit the 2014 Policy Summit information page and register today »




Tax Reform Discussion Draft Released

Chairman CampChairman Dave Camp of the House Ways and Means Committee released his tax reform discussion draft Wednesday, February 26th. The draft hit most industry groups hard including forestry where all of our 3 most important tax expenditures were repealed.

In January 2014, a coalition of forestry organizations including Forest Landowners Association sent the following letter to the Senate Finance Committee outlining the importance of our timber tax expenditures. 

Read More »



Farm Bill Passes with Forest Roads Provision

The nearly $1 trillion farm bill received final approval on Tuesday from the Senate, which sent the compromise already passed by the House to President Barack Obama to be signed into law. The bill includes a provision preserving the treatment of forest roads and forest management as nonpoint sources subject to state-derived Best Management Practices (BMPs) under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). Read More »



2014 Policy Summit

2014 Forest Landowner Policy Summit

Forest Landowners Association along with Smith, Currie, and Hancock are hosting the first 2014 Forest Landowner Policy Summit on Thursday, August 14, 2014 in Atlanta Georgia at the Hyatt Regency. The 2014 Policy Summit will address current policy challenges facing the private landowner sector. 

Qualifying CFE Credits:
 Cat 1-CF credits - 
5.5 hours 

Visit the 2014 Policy Summit information page and register today »

2014 National Conference of Private Forest landowners

The 2014 National Conference was a hit with over 350 attendees this year. We'd like to thank our sponsors who made this conference possible and all the attendees for their support of FLA.

We have made speaker presentations available for you to download off of our conference website. 

SAF has awarded 6.0 Cat 1 - CF credits for attendance of the 2014 National Conference. The sign up forms have been mailed to SAF the week of June 16th and certificates are available for download. 

Pictures taken on Thursday are available to download up until September 14th off the photographer's website. Download pictures from the 2014 National Conference here: Forest Landowners Association 2014 Annual Meeting Photos 

View images in any of the these folders:

Huckabee Meet and Greet
Jane Hearn
Jay Dardenne
Keynote Address-Huckabee
Panel Discussion

Watch Live Webcast of FLA President's ESA Hearing Testimony


FLA president, Joe Hopkins has been invited to testify before the Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy, and Forestry Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 at 10:00 am EST. He will provide a testimony and respond to questions from Members of the Committee regarding the implications of the Endangered Species Act.

The hearing will be webcasted live on the Committee's website.

Supreme Court rules in Favor of Wyoming Private Landowner

Court rules government's Rails-to-Trails project violated private property rights.

On Monday March 10th, Marvin Brandt and his wife shed tears of joy as their near decade long battle with the United States government finally comes to an end after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor.

Chief Justice John Roberts, said “the Government loses this case in large part because it won when it argued the opposite before this Court more than 70 years ago, in Great Northern Railway Co. v United States”. The 2006 Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the Government retained a right of continued use for hikers and bicyclists of the abandoned right of way which crosses 30 landowners and Brandt’s private property contradicts the Government’s position in the Great Northern case. The Court refused to “endorse such a stark change in position” and Roberts referred to the Government’s testimony as a “self-serving” contradictory position stating that the Court “cannot over look the irony” of the Government’s arguments on other Supreme Court rulings.

Read More »



FLA CEO Keynote Speaker at SCFA Annual Conference

FLA CEO, Scott Jones was the Keynote Speaker at SCFA's annual conference on October 31, 2013 in Asheville North Carolina. Jones presented the root source of underlying issues facing landowners and what we can do to fix them.

Download Scott's Powerpoint Presentation »

Download Presentation PDF (Includes Notes) »



#US Wood

FLA CEO heads abroad to advocate US Landowners ability to meet world market's green energy and Wood demand

Follow the hashtag #USwood for updates on Scott's trip to Europe. Ask us questions, leave your comments using the hashtag #USwood in your tweets and Facebook posts.

Private Landowners in the U.S. have exercised sustainability for the past 100 years without regulation constraining the market place. But, the face of the economy has undergone major changes since World War II with the onset of economic globalization. The rate of economic globalization has increased in the last 10-20 years and that increase has the potential to benefit private landowners in the US and global economies, however, with a massive push in demand for certified wood, the U.S. private landowner could be cut out of the global market's wood supply chain.

Forest Landowners Association (FLA) is ensuring these markets understand private landowners. FLA CEO, Scott Jones will be heading to Europe with the US Industrial Pellet Association on September 8th and will be meeting with United Kingdom, Dutch, and European Parliament to discuss how private forest landowners in the U.S. have the ability to provide wood to meet the green energy and wood products needs of countries around world.

Read More »



FLA Community Website

Taking back the conversation from the environmentalists. It’s time to tell our story to the media, elected officials and the public!

The Forest Landowner Foundation is funding the development of a new community website designed to inform and engage the forestry community, media and policy makers. Right now, environmentalist organizations are better organized both online and in their messaging.The media, general public and policy makers have a lack of understanding of how private forests benefit both our economy and environment. This fact hit home in a ...Read More »



House Passes Farm Bill

On July 11, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new farm bill (HR-262) by a margin of 216-208, and for the first time in a year will allow House-Senate talks on a final farm package.

The forestry community commended the House for including provisions preserving forest roads as nonpoint sources under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and otherwise promoting ...Read More »



Farm Bill Defeated: Celebration of Forest Roads Amendment Passage Short Lived

Wednesday in an overwhelming show of support, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted an amendment to the Farm Bill

Unfortunately, that celebration was short lived, as the House unexpectedly defeated the farm bill resoundingly on a 195-234 vote Thursday afternoon. “This is a sad day for bipartisanship, and for America’s more »




Conference Speaker Presentations

Speaker presentations from the 2013 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners are now available for download in both PDF and PPT formats. Download Speaker Presentations»





Only Congress Can Provide Legal Certainty by Preserving EPA Regulation of Forest Roads as Nonpoint Sources.

As a landowner and voting constituent affected by this issue you can lend your political voice to get Congress to take action. 

FLA CEO, Scott Jones is in Washington, DC meeting with members of Congress asking them to end legal uncertainty by supporting bipartisan legislation, the Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act (S. 971 and H.R.2026), to preserve EPA’s 37-year old policy treating forest roads as nonpoint sources under the Clean Water Act (CWA) regulated under state-adopted Best Management Practices (BMPs). 

You can have a huge impact on Scott's meetings in Washington, DC and the forest landowner’s community's efforts by telling your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act.  The more Members of Congress that become a cosponsor of S. 971 and H.R. 2026 the quicker the legislation will be considered for a vote in Congress.

Take 5 minutes to let your House and Senate Members of Congress know you want them to cosponsor S. 971 and H.R. 2026. Contact your Member of Congress »






First One Hundred Days in Congress

The 113th Congress passed the 100-day mark in April. This newsletter provides an update on policy issues that are of importance to you as a forest landowner which are being considered and acted on in the United States Congress. Read more »







FLA Forms superPAC

The Forest Landowners Association CEO, Scott Jones, recently announced that paperwork has been filed with the Federal Elections Commission to establish a “super” political action committee (PAC). According to Jones, “The FLA superPAC was formed so that we could move forward our mission to preserve, protect and promote private ownership of forestland. We believe the addition of our super PAC will allow us to more effectively participate in the political arena”. Read more »







Supreme Court makes Ruling on Forest Roads

Court reasons that the State of Oregon's comprehensive system of Best Management Practices allows storm water runoff to be exempt from permitting under the Clean Water Act
Today, the Supreme Court issued its long-waited decision in Decker v. NEDC , No. 11–338. The Supreme Court’s decision reversed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and, in a 7-1 ruling, upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) interpretation that storm water runoff collected from forest roads was exempt from federal permitting requirements under the Clean Water Act. Read more »







Excerpts from Theodore Roosevelt’s 1901 SOTUA

We thought it would be fitting to take this time to reflect back in history by sharing with you excerpts from Theodore Roosevelt’s 1901 State of the Union Address. We believe TR got it right. In 1901, TR sent a 20,000-word Message, devoting 10 percent of it to the protection of forests, streams and ... Read more »







How the Fiscal Cliff Impacts Landowners

Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill:
...Mostly what Congress did by passing the fiscal cliff was to make permanent the system that has been in effect for the past two years.

Specifically, this bill locks in place current tax rates for middle class families, provides a permanent patch for the alternative minimum tax (AMT), and holds down the death tax for farmers and ranchers...  Read more »







FLA joins Coalition in Ninth Circuit Intervention

FLA, joined by a coalition of stakeholders, has intervened in litigation filed before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to defend the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rule clarifying that forest roads do not require point source industrial discharge permits under the Clean Water Act.  Read more »







FLA Year In Review

As we approach the end of the 2012 we take a moment to look back on FLA’s accomplishments on behalf of our members and then focus on looking forward to the potential of what can be accomplished ...Read More »



e-Newsletter: November 29, 2012

Lame Duck Congress focus on Economy:
Yes, Congress is back in Washington, DC for a lame duck session. What if anything does this mean for private forest landowners and legislation supported by the FLA? Read More »


Newly Elected Members and Committee Chairmanships: FLA PAC contributions to candidates totaled $22,700, with a 78% success rate of candidates winning their election, including freshman Derek Kilmer (D-WA). Read More »

Status Update: FLA 112th Congressional Legislative Agenda:
S. 2346/H.R. 5873 Forest Products Fairness Act

S. 1392/H.R. 225: EPA Regulatory Relief Act
EPA Final Ruling Status

H.R. 1433: Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012

S. 1369/H.R. 2541: Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act

S. 2242/H.R. 1259: Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2011

Read More »



FLA Board briefed on Tax Issues

Pat Raffaniello (Raffaniello & Associates) gave an outstanding presentation to the FLA Board of Directors on Tax and Budget Issues for the 112th Congress at the annual Board Meeting in Washington D.C..

View the Presentation »



Now available: Scorecards for the 112th Congress

HOUSE & SENATE SCORECARDS Use FLA's House & Senate Scorecards to see where your U.S. Members of Congress stand on key issues impacting YOU...
Read More »
View the Scorecards »


FLA PAC With Congress leaving a lot of unfinished business in the 112th Congress, those elected to serve in the 113th Congress will have a great impact on our issues. We need your support to ensure private forest landowners and businesses that depend on forest resources...
Read More »

REGIONAL MEETING CANCELLED The 2012 Delaware Regional Meeting has been cancelled...
Read More »





Now Available: Charlotte Presentations & Photos

The 2012 Charlotte Regional Meeting was a success. Presentation slides given by the speakers are now available online. Additionally, photos taken at the meeting have now been posted on our website.  View Charlotte Proceedings »





Forest Roads Issue Continues To Move

Even though Congress is in recess, the Forest Roads issue continues to be debated in the administration and in the courts. As reported in the last FLA E-Newsletter, HR 2541, the Silvicultural Regulatory Consistency Act, passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. This was a positive sign of ...
Read More »





Now Available: Educational Session Power Point Slides 

The 2012 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners Educational Sessions were a hit. The slide presentations from the educational session speakers are now available here »





A Flurry of Activity Takes Place As Congress Prepares for Summer Recess:

With Congress scheduled to adjourn this week for August recess, a flurry of activity has taken place and FLA has been busy tracking and making sure private forest issues and constituents were being represented. A summary of recent key votes and actions includes:

Senate Tax Vote We were tracking this closely and while there was much news leading up to the vote and despite the action taken in the Senate, it was apparent that the bill would not be taken up for a vote in the House... 
Read More »

Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act - HR 2541 Hearing This bill is scheduled for a vote in the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee this morning, August 1... 
Read More »

Softwood Lumber Trade Issue The Softwood Lumber Coalition requested FLA’s help in garnering support from House Members to sign onto a letter to President Obama. The letter urged his... Administration 
Read More »

2012 Advocacy Day Postponed After thoughtful consideration about the 2012 Advocacy Day, it was decided to postpone the full Advocacy Day event for the membership... 
Read More »



How Certification Mandates Threaten Private Forests

The Forest Landowners Foundation Commissioned the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) to conduct a research project on the economic institutions affecting the financial and environmental performance of private forests.

The history of environmental and agricultural policy in some ways is analogous to Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse" in that sometimes our best-laid plans often go awry.

Nonetheless, it's surprising to consider how sustainability certification and renewable biomass mandates - two measures intended to promote environmentally sensitive forest stewardship - could actually accelerate the decline of nonindustrial private forests. Read the full report HERE »


Regional Meetings Update

When the green in your portfolio is in millions of trees, it’s important to have expert help mangaing your resources. FLA provides vital information through the 2012 Forest Management & Economics Series. Interact with industry experts and your peers at our Charlotte, North Carolina & Wilmington, Delaware regional meetings to help boost profitibility, improve stewardship, and sustain your legacy for the next generation... Read More »



Get Real-time Industry Intelligence news on FLA's homepage

Have you seen the “Latest Industry News” on our website? Industry Intelligence provides this relevant information that is key to managing our timberlands. Check the left side of the FLA homepage for hourly-updated news and click on any headline to read the full story.

In addition to the newsfeed, our partnership with Industry Intelligence gives FLA members a discount on the company’s market intelligence services. Click here for a 14 day free trial »




FLA Member Named Outstanding Tree Farmer of the year

Dr. Walt A. McPhail, Mauldin, SC -- was named NATIONAL Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year by the American Tree Farm System on June 16 at the group’s 2012 National Tree Farmer Convention in Jacksonville, FL.  Read More»










2012 National Conference of Private Landowners

The 2012 National Conference of Private Landowners held at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra Beach was a success. Pictures from the conference have been posted to our facebook page! Click here to go directly to the 2012 National Conference Photo Album.






Boehner Pressured to Call Vote on 'Death Tax' Repeal


The House Republican freshman class has ratcheted up pressure on Speaker John Boehner to bring full repeal of the federal estate tax — popularly derided as the “death tax” — to a vote on the House floor.

Strongly supported by FLA, the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2011 has 206 House co-sponsors, including four Democrats, ensuring its likelihood of passage in the GOP-dominated House. On the Senate side, Republican John Thune proposed a version of the same legislation in March of this year. That bill currently has 36 cosponsors.Read More »




News Release

Ocean Policy Plan Could Have Far Reaching Impacts on Private Forest Management
 FLA Joins Interest Groups in Speaking Out

On April 12, 2012, the Forest Landowners Association joined eighty-one groups in submitting a letter asking for language to be included in all fiscal year 2013 appropriations bills prohibiting the use of funds to implement the new National Ocean Policy.

The letter was sent to U.S. House Appropriations Committee Chairman, Harold Rogers (KY), as well as the Chairperson of each House Appropriations Subcommittee. The request was made as part of an effort to achieve a pause in policy implementation that would provide more time for oversight and examination of potential impacts.  Read More »




 2012 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

Rooms are available at the Sawgrass Marriott under the FLA room block for $169 a night plus applicable taxes.

Attendees can call 1-800-457-Golf or go online at Sawgrass Mariott and select Reservations, then enter group code FORFORA for a deluxe guestroom or FORFORD for a standard guestroom by April 30, 2012. Read More »








Contact your Representative in the U.S. Congress and urge their support of H.R. 1259, the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act. Congress will act but only if they hear your voice.

The Death Tax law will be reinstated at the rate of 55% on all assets above a $1 million exemption on January 1, 2013 unless Congress acts to permanently repeal the tax. The current, but temporary, 2011 law set the Death Tax rate of 35% with a $5 million exemption. This tax will have devastating consequences on you, your family, and your employees.We’re asking you to force attention to this important issue by contacting your Member of Congress now. Read More »




Regional Meetings Update 

When the green in your portfolio is in millions of trees, it’s important to have expert help mangaing your resources. FLA provides vital information through the 2012 Forest Management & Economics Series. Interact with industry experts and your peers at our Augusta & Hattiesburg regional meetings to help boost profitibility, improve stewardship, and sustain your legacy for the next generation... Read More »




Farm Bill Update

A series of four Senate Agriculture Farm Bill hearings kicks-off February 15, 2012 with an examination of energy and economic growth opportunities in rural America. In preparation for the hearing, Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) requested the Forest Landowners Association submit key priorities of importance to private forest landowners. This request followed a one-on-one meeting FLA CEO Scott Jones had in January with committee staff to strengthen relationships and emphasis FLA’s value in being able to serve as a resource on policy issues. Read More »




After the Recession: Finding Our Way Out of the Woods

Scott Jones, Forest Landowner Association CEO, will be a guest speaker at this year's annual Southeastern SAF Meeting. He will be presenting perspectives on the Future of Forestry Funds in the Farm Bill. Forest markets, economics, taxation and policy will be topics of the 2012 Southeastern SAF Meeting entitled, "After the Recession: Finding Our Way Out of the Woods," to be held February 19-21, 2012 at Oceanside Inn and Suites on Georgia's Jekyll Island.

Forest landowners, SAF members, other forestry professionals and anyone interested in today's top forestry issues are invited to attend. Seven hours of Continuing Forestry Education credits are available. Read More »




The State of the Association 

 As the second session of the 112th Congress commenced in mid-January, FLA was walking the halls of Congress, meeting with House and Senate leadership committee staff. It remains to be seen if lawmakers can make progress towards sending legislation to the President for signature during what is expected to be months of political posturing leading up... Read More »




Hearing Voices at FLA

 We started out the new year with our Landowner to Landowner question: "With continued economic turmoil and political uncertainty in 2012, what specific changes are you considering in your forest management plans?" Immediatley, hundreds of responses from our members... Read More »





Regional Meetings Update 
We will be hosting two regional meetings in March. The first meeting will be in Augusta, Georgia on March 13 and the second in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on March 20th... Read More »






FLA is now on Twitter 

In our efforts to stay connected with you, we are now bringing you the most up to date information via our live twitter feed...  Read More »






Forest Roads Update and the Silvicultural Exemption

On December 17, Congress passed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, funding nine federal agencies for the 2012 fiscal year. The bill includes language that stays NPDES permitting for silvicultural activities until October 1, 2012.

This represents a huge advancement in the forestry community efforts to seek a permanent reversal of this misguided decision from the legislative perspective. On the second front of the Supreme Court challenge, progress was made on December 17 when the Supreme Court officially asked the Solicitor General to explain the government’s position...  Read More »











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