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4/24/2018 » 4/25/2018
Forest InSight Conference West

6/26/2018 » 6/29/2018
2018 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

6/18/2019 » 6/21/2019
2019 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners


Conference Preview: A short Q & A with General Session panelist Alex Vogel.
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Everyone agrees that the Trump presidency will be like none other before it. Forest landowners are optimistic that Trump’s platform of tax reform, domestic jobs creation and better trade deals will be a very positive thing for them and their interests. Is their optimism well-founded?

I believe that optimism is well founded. The president has laid out a broadly deregulatory agenda focused on policies centered on incentivizing and promoting U.S. based producers and jobs. When combined with a broad push towards an America-focused trade policy, these initiatives should be viewed with optimism. The alignment between our key issues and the agenda of this White House put the FLA in an unprecedented position to get meaningful action in the next four years.

Based on what you’ve observed so far, which of the Forest Landowners Association’s policy priorities is likely to see some activity and priority with the Trump administration?

As we have seen with the initial efforts on health care reform, some of the proposed agenda items will be tough and not see movement overnight. That being said, I believe action on tax reform, a renewed focus on the enforcement side of the trade agenda, and some rationalizing of the environmental regulatory regime are all near term priorities for action from the White House.

In your opinion, what message does the Forest Landowners Association and its members need to make sure the Trump administration hears with regards to who they are and why they are important?

It is critical that the administration understand that the FLA and its members are key drivers for domestic jobs and economic growth – often in underserved and often ignored rural communities. The demographics and market position of FLA members will help the White House understand and advance our issues on tax, market opportunities, and easing the regulatory burdens that your members face.





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