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6/3/2014 » 6/6/2014
National Conference of Private Forest Landowners

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2012 FLM Sept / Oct Page 09 [free] Landowner To Landowner Page 2 (copy)
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biofuel. So if we want to reduce carbon dioxide in the air, plant and use trees!

By using and sustaining our forests, we in the wood products industry are the greenest of all industries. We do it all, yet are demonized as the exploiters of the forest. Sustainable forest management is the key to a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

Our wood products industry is being regulated to the extent that our imports of wood, or finished wood products, could become reliant on off-shore forests as we have been for decades with regards to oil. Yet America has some of the most productive forestland on the planet. If our anti-forestry attitudes and regulations trends continue, we’ll likely see the day we are importing fuel wood pellets from Europe. Oh…I almost forgot…we already are. Here in the populous state of New Jersey, supermarket food chains sell firewood and firewood kindling grown, packaged and shipped from eastern Europe!

Having been in the business of forest management

it is my belief that our apathy on the subject of forest management has allowed extremists in the environmental community to convince the larger public that cutting a tree is bad and will destroy the environment we all depend upon.

The forest industry, and we foresters, simply have not made the investments needed to sustain the truthful, wonderful, successful story of sustainable forestry in America.


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